On June 18 the main summer industry exhibitions Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast 2024 will begin

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In less than two weeks, the key industry exhibitions of the Russian market of technological equipment and polymer industry Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast will begin their work in Moscow. The exhibitions will take place on June 18-20, 2024 and will occupy halls 1, 3, 4 of pavilion 1 in Crocus Expo IEC. The main summer events will present a diverse exposition of domestic and foreign manufacturers of the mold and die industry, suppliers of equipment and materials for the production of polymer products, as well as 3D printing and additive technologies. This year, the total exposition of Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast has grown by more than 40%. More than 500 companies from Belarus, India, Iran, China, Russia, Taiwan, Türkiye and other countries will take part in both exhibitions. The exposition will be divided according to the following themes:
  • Hall 1 – Rosplast exhibition, section “Raw materials”
  • Hall 3 – Rosplast exhibition, section “Equipment and Technologies”
  • Hall 4 – Rosmould exhibition, sections “Moulds, die moulds” and “Additive technologies and 3D printing”
The rate of visitor registration is also higher than last year, and organizers expect at least 20% more visitors this year.


Rosmould & 3D-TECH is the largest specialized exhibition of moulds and dies in Eastern Europe. Rosmould & 3D-TECH will be held in Moscow for the 18th time, and at the moment it has established itself as a relevant specialized platform for technological equipment and production technologies. Moulds and dies are used in many sectors of the economy: mainly in the automotive industry, the production of household appliances, containers and packaging, and thermal power engineering. The combined share of these four industries is 70%, the main products manufactured using moulds and dies are automobile body parts, housings and parts of household appliances, plastic products, fittings, fasteners and connecting elements.

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And today Rosmould & 3D-TECH is more than 300 manufacturers of moulding equipment, including such major manufacturers of moulds and dies as Atlant Plant, FORSH Plant, Dies and Molds Plant, IMID, Engineering Company, KB Press- form, MoldService, New Form, Octava Plus, System, Renol Group, Rotosnab, Prof-NN, T-Mold, TechnoPlastYug, UrFu, Shtanzen, Shulken Form, etc.

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Rosmould & 3D-TECH is also a flagship event in the field of additive technologies and 3D printing: the exhibition includes a specialized exposition “3D-TECH - Additive technologies and 3D printing”, which is the largest show of 3D technologies in Russia. A varied exposition demonstrates modern industrial and professional 3D equipment, consumables for 3D printing with plastic, photopolymers, metals, ceramics, etc.; software, as well as custom 3D printing services.

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Among the exhibitors of the exposition are the companies ZD Vision, Avimetal 3D, Grancom, Dipole, Leader 3D, Laser Systems, Metalcom (Rusal), NPO System, Range Vision, Sinkam, Totalzed, Topstanok, Top3DGroup, Hardlight, Engineering Consulting Center, A-TECH , Jetcom, Innfocus, IQDEMY Group, Calibry 3D, Uniontech 3D, ONSINT, 3DLAM, Terem, Tsvetnoy Mir, Elina and other companies.

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In parallel with Rosmould & 3D-TECH, an exhibition of equipment and materials for the plastics industry Rosplast will be held. It is a modern exhibition site for the polymer industry, which has already established itself as a key event for professionals and specialists of the polymer business in Russia. The exhibition is demonstrating rapid growth: this year it already occupies two exhibition halls.

Rosplast exposition with raw materials and materials for the production of plastics has significantly increased: a number of large companies offering thermoplastic polymer materials, engineering plastics and polymers, masterbatches, dyes, special additives, fillers and raw materials for the production of polymers will be presented here. Among the exhibitors there are: Gabriel Chemie, Symer, Alliance Composite, Gamma Plast, DBH RUS, ETS Group of Companies, NPP Poliplastik, Olenta, Plastic Group, Tathimplast, National Pavilion of Iran with the largest producers of petrochemical products and other companies.

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Also, Rosplast exposition has been expanded with a new product group: in addition to moulds, raw materials and equipment, exhibitors will offer contract services for manufacturing of plastic products. The scope of application of such products is the widest: containers and packaging, household goods, housing parts and electrical products, building materials, automotive components, medical products, toys and consumer goods. Now exhibitors will be able to offer their clients not only main and auxiliary equipment, technological equipment and materials, but also services for small- and large-scale production of custom-made products.

This year Rosplast exhibition has three major sponsors. The General sponsor is CRONPLEX, the leader in sales of injection moulding machines in Russia and Belarus. The Official sponsor of the exhibition is YIZUMI, the leading manufacturer of injection moulding equipment and ready-made solutions. The permanent Sponsor of registration area is BORCHE Machinery, the world leader and expert in the development and production of smart, energy-efficient servo injection moulding machines.

Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast will be held with the official support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, specialized associations such as The Russian Chemists Union (RCU), Union of Plastic Processors (SPP), Association of Toolmakers of Russia (AIR), as well as a number of specialized media.

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Traditionally, Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rospalst exhibitions offer their guests a strong business program with the participation of industry experts. Listeners can learn about the current industry trends, study practical cases from the existing market participants, share experience in solving production issues and discuss the pressing industry problems.

This year, within the framework of Rosmould & 3D-TECH, a three-day International Tooling Forum will be held for the first time (Conference area, Hall 4). The forum will be supported by the Association of Toolmakers of Russia (AIR), Association of Turkish Mould and Tool Manufacturers UKUB, ADEM Engineering LLC, MGTU "STANKIN". This forum is a modern scientific and innovative discussion platform, focused on a serious multilateral discussion of the development features of the shaping equipment and tools market, the use of new effective design solutions, as well as the mutual exchange of experience. The forum will include a number of open conferences and discussions, an international panel discussion, a round table, a session of Russian mould and die manufacturers and other business events in an interactive format.

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The annual 3D-TECH Additive Technologies Forum will be held during the three days of the exhibition in Conference room E of Hall 4. The distinctive feature of the forum is its emphasis on the practical application of additive technologies and real-life examples from production. The forum will include both traditional and new sessions: on “Technology Day” on June 18, there will be a session dedicated to WAAM technology and a practical session with the participation of the exhibitors of Rosmould & 3D-TECH exhibition; “Mechanical Engineering Day” on June 19 will include a session of JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey, a session of JSC Composite and a session of Karfidov Lab. The third day of the forum, June 20, is called a “Medicine Day.” On this day, a scientific session will be held on the topic of digital technologies, design, additive technologies, individual implants and prosthetics for diseases of the head and neck. The session will be held with the support of the Russian Dental Association and the Federation of Specialists in Head and Neck Diseases.

On June 19, in Conference room D of Hall 4, exhibition partner TsOP Profession will hold a technical conference dedicated to current issues in the design, manufacture and operation of technological equipment and casting processes. A special feature of the conference is the practical orientation of the reports and the analysis of cases in real production to identify and eliminate problems and the impact of the operation of the injection mould on the quality of the casting process and finished products.

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Recognized by polymer industry professionals, Rosplast exhibition is a platform where current trends in the plastics industry are formed. The key event of the exhibition business program is the three-day forum of the plastics and recycling industry PlastForum. This year it will be held in Conference area of Hall 1. The forum is co-organized by Academy of Plastics training center. PlastForum is a modern discussion space, which will host a number of open conferences, discussions, interactive sessions and other unique business events with leading industry experts: on June 18, an international panel discussion will be held, and the Union of Plastic Processors (SPP) will hold a conference on the prospects of technological sovereignty and extended producer responsibility. On June 19 there will be held two sessions dedicated to trends and developments in the plastics industry. Also on this day Media partner of the exhibitions, Plastics magazine, will talk about its new projects. The third day of the forum, June 20, will be dedicated to a new interactive format: Academy of Plastics will hold a business game.

Also this year, Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast, together with their Media partner Plastinfo.ru, will present the first issue of the official newspaper of Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast. The newspaper will be distributed throughout the halls and at exhibition registration desks and will become a useful information supplement and convenient navigator for the event visitors. The newspaper will publish current analytical materials about the polymer industry, announcements of the exhibition participants, layout of the exhibition stands, as well as the full schedule of the exhibitions business programme.

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Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast exhibitions are the key events for professionals in the mould and die industry, the polymer industry, as well as 3D printing and additive technologies. Holding these exhibitions contributes to the introduction of new production technologies, development of the tool and polymer industries in Russia, training of qualified young personnel and exchange of experience at the international level.

Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast is a complete production chain on one site, where just three days a specialist gets a unique opportunity to cover all his needs and tasks for at least a year in advance: to study the main current participants of the production market, to find new business partners, to get unique commercial offers directly from manufacturers,to learn the latest industry trends from market experts, to get acquainted with new products in the field of forming equipment, 3D printing and additive technologies, as well as equipment and materials for the production of plastics.

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