The main Russian industry exhibitions of the summer season Rosmould & 3D-TECH | Rosplast will present a unique business program

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The leading industry exhibitions of the summer season Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast 2024 will be held on June 18-20, 2024 in Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 2. In addition to the rapidly growing exposition with a wide representation of domestic and foreign manufacturers in the mold and die industry, suppliers of equipment and materials for the production of polymer products, as well as 3D printing and additive technologies, a signature part of Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast exhibitions is a unique business programme. The programme covers all aspects of industry topics presented at these exhibitions. For visitors, participation in Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast business programme is an opportunity to learn about the main trends in the industry, communicate directly with speakers, exchange experiences, ask questions, express themselves and talk about their business.

In 2024 business programme will be held in four areas during all exhibition days. The events will be held in a variety of formats with the participation of the leading industry experts who will present their practical cases, share their experience in solving production issues, and discuss the pressing industry problems.

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A three-day event, which has already become traditional - Plastics and Recycling Industry Forum PlastForum - will take place in the open conference area of Rosplast exhibition (Hall 7). This is an innovative discussion platform, which will include a list of workshops, panel discussions and interactive lectures with the leading industry experts. Professionals from all over the country as well as experts from foreign countries (Iran, China, Turkey, etc.) in various forms will share their unique experience of working in the face of modern challenges that have arisen in the plastics industry over the past few years. Particular emphasis will be put on recycling and extended producer responsibility. "Academy of Plastics" training center is the co-organizer of PlastForum.

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This year, Rosmould & 3D-TECH will host International Tooling Forum for the first time. The venue of the forum is an open conference area in Hall 8. The programme includes a number of open conferences, seminars and interactive sessions with the leading industry experts and associations. The forum is focused on a serious multilateral discussion of the development features on the market for shaping equipment and tools, the use of new effective design solutions, innovative materials, production preparation technologies, high-speed and high-precision technologies for machining and assembly, methods and means of finished products quality control and modern management principles.

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The annual 3D-TECH Additive Technologies Forum will be held during the three days of the exhibition in Conference hall H. Every year, representatives of the leading development companies, universities, factories, government institutions, as well as end users of additive technologies gather to discuss new trends, meet on-site with their partners and find new allies. A distinctive feature of the Forum is the emphasis on the practical application of additive technologies and real examples from production. 3D-TECH Forum will include both traditional sessions (WAAM technology, use of additive technologies in industrial design, in medicine, a session of exhibitors with examples from real production) and new ones (use of additive technologies in mechanical engineering, interaction between government and business, economics of implementing 3D printing in production and others).

On June 19, in Conference room J, partner of the exhibitions TsOP "Professiya" will hold a technical conference dedicated to the manufacture and operation of technological equipment. It is worth noting that this year the publishing house TsOP “Professiya” is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

General information about the business programme of Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast 2024 is available on the exhibition websites rosmould.ru and rosplast-expo.ru

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International exhibitions Rosmould & 3D-TECH | Rosplast have almost finished shaping their expositions. Due to the rapid growth in 2023, in 2024 the exhibitions were planned to be held in new, larger halls 7 and 8. But now they are completely booked, and new additional halls have been added to the expositions. Literally in a matter of months at Rosmould & 3D-TECH | Rosplast you will find the widest exposition of both regular and new players from Russia and foreign countries in mold and die industry, polymer industry, as well as 3D printing and additive technologies .

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