Preliminary Exhibitor list of Rosmould | Rosplast 2024 has been published

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Industry exhibitions of the summer season Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast are the most significant events of the year in the field of production of molds and dies, additive technologies and 3D printing, equipment and materials for the processing and production of plastic products. This year the exhibitions will be held on June 18-20, 2024 in Moscow, in Pavilion 2 of Crocus Expo. Due to their rapid growth, the exhibitions of 2024 were planned to be held in new, larger halls 7 and 8. But now they are completely filled, and new additional halls have been added to the exhibition. And at the moment the number of participants is more than 600 companies, which is 40% more than last year! In less than three months at Rosmould & 3D-TECH | Rosplast you will find the widest exhibition of both regular and new players in the mold and die industry, the polymer industry, as well as 3D printing and additive technologies from Russia and foreign countries.

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You can see the exposition of both exhibitions in the preliminary list of participants, which has already been published on our websites. The list makes it possible to view exhibitors by product groups, countries and brands represented; to find out basic information about each company, and will be constantly updated with new participants.
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Among the confirmed participants of Rosmould exposition there are such largest manufacturers of molds, dies, standard components, CAD/CAM systems, hot runner systems and other equipment as Coskunoz Alabuga, FORSH Plant, Dies and Molds Plant, IMID, Engineering Company, KB Press- form, MoldService, New Form, Octava Plus, System, Renol Group, Rotosnab, Prof-NN, T-Mold, TechnoPlastYug, UrFu, Shtanzen, Schulken Form, Yudix, Gorplast, Mega Kalip. Over the past month, Avaxis, ADEM, Ileko, IRZ-Test, MS Automotive, Rikor Electronics, Stellar, Kaihua Molds, SJ Plastic Tooling and other companies have joined them.

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At Rosplast companies will present a wide selection of modern technological equipment for plastic injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines, auxiliary equipment for peripheral equipment, as well as solutions for production automation. Among the participants that were confirmed at the end of 2023 there are Balitekh, Borce Machinery, Valentina-Pak, Vivtech, VL-PLAST, Blow Molding Technologies, Interplast, Eastplast, Kraton, KRONPLEX, Leader Machinery, Polipak, Solan-D, Trikaplast, Formotronic, JWell, DMK Thermoforming, Liansu, RR Plast Extrusion. Since the beginning of 2024, they have been joined by BIVATECH, Biplast, VZLP, Europolymer-Trading, Izumi Rus, COMDEKS, KM Plast, MIPA Company, NORD-SM, Plastagregat, Plastresurs and others.

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Separately, it is worth highlighting a group of companies with raw materials for the production of plastics. Every year the number of its participants is growing, and this year the number of large companies will be represented at Rosplast, offering thermoplastic polymer materials, engineering plastics and polymers, masterbatches, dyes, special additives, fillers and raw materials for the production of polymer materials. These are brands such as Gamma Plast, GC ETS, DBH RUS, Olenta, Polymer Invest, Plastic Group, NPP Poliplastik, RusChemicals, Gabriel-Chemie Rus, Symer, Pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran and others.

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Also this year Rosplast exposition has been expanded with a new product group: in addition to molds, raw materials and equipment, exhibitors will offer contract manufacturing services for plastic products. The scope of application of such products is tvery wide: containers and packaging, household goods, housing parts and electrical products, building materials, automotive components, medical products, sporting goods and consumer goods. Specialists come to the exhibition with specific technical assignments to solve current production needs, and exhibitors will be able to offer clients main and auxiliary equipment, technological equipment and materials, as well as services for small- and large-scale production of custom-made products.

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A significant part of Rosmould & 3D-TECH is the specialized exhibition “3D-TECH - Additive Technologies and 3D Printing”, which is the largest show of 3D technologies in Russia. The exhibition demonstrates modern industrial and professional 3D equipment, various materials for 3D printing, software, as well as custom 3D printing services. Among the exhibitors of this exposition there are companies like ZD Vision, Avimetal 3D, Grancom, Dipol, Leader 3D, Laser Systems, Metalcom (Rusal), NPO System, Range Vision, Sinkam, Totalzed, Topstanok, Top3DGroup, Hardlight, Engineering Consulting Center, A- TECH, Jetcom, Innfocus, IQDEMY Group, VIVO, Calibry 3D, Uniontech 3D, ONSINT, 3DLAM, Terem, Tsvetnoy Mir, Elina and others.

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Due to the rapid development of domestic industry, the industry exhibitions Rosmould & 3D-TECH and Rosplast have recently acquired particular importance for manufacturing companies. A wide range of new products, equipment in operation, materials and services allow us to complete almost any production task and conclude directly with manufacturers and official suppliers the most profitable contracts for the manufacture of molds and dies, the supply of equipment and materials, and the production of custom-made products for specific projects.

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